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Welcome to MRF-SI: A dedicated consulting company to international business development which can assist and guide you with the "right local moves for a world in global motion".
In order to verify the "fit" of our capabilities to your current business situation and ambitions, we propose to conduct a diagnostic or your current business posture and international objectives, free of charge, and with no commitment whatsoever, that could lead to a personalized project proposal.
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MRF-SI has been created in 2004 to offer a dedicated externalized support for the creation or expansion of your international business with an array of services and the entire competency level that one would expect to find only from a specialized department of a large multinational company…

With its current international network of Associates and our proven & broad industrial experience, in particular for High-Tech sectors, MRF-SI is ready to help you develop & implement your new winning international strategy.


For companies ready to quickly expand their international presence and success, MRF-SI offers a wide range of...

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For companies in the move to create or expand their international footprint, MRF-SI offers a wide range of services that cover all aspects of strategic planning, marketing & sales enhancement as well as international migration of key individuals, but in a coherent fashion. Our involvement can also deal with local technical & commercial representation, trade shows and exhibits support or specific expert missions:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Sales enhancement
  • Local technical & commercial representation
  • Media events support, Trade shows & Exhibits
  • HR & International Migration procedures support
  • Specific Expert missions

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